Frank Gieth Team Coaching in Düsseldorf

Systemic team coaching:
systematic increase in performance.

In addition to my work with individuals, I also support entire teams as a coach. Team coaching is a relatively new approach, but the process is very similar to that for individuals. Here, too, the first steps are chemistry checks with the participants, a clarification of goals, the process of developing options for action and possible solutions, and the transfer into day-to-day life and work.

Generally speaking, coaching enables teams to develop sustainably and achieve better results. It supports team members to get to know each other better personally. This creates and strengthens mutual trust and builds team cohesion. Furthermore, conflicts and power structures are identified and proactively resolved or changed

Possible topics in team coaching

  • We are a new team and would like to get to know each other better personally in order to develop a clearer understanding of what makes us tick. Getting to know each other personally creates the prerequisite for teamwork - trust develops.

  • We are a new team and would like to define our content-related focus more precisely, clarify the rules of our cooperation, and thus lay the foundation for trust and performance. In addition, we are potentially looking to establish or refine the vision/strategy for our team.

  • As a team we are already well positioned and would now like to become a top team – what defines a top team? How can we go about this and what strengths can we build on?

  • The world inside and outside the company is changing rapidly – we want to adapt more quickly to internal and external changes and, in the best case, drive change ourselves and strengthen our innovation capacity.

  • A few things are not running smoothly in our team and we want to overcome these challenges together in order to return to our old strength or to build new strengths.

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